Fast arrival Gwinstek GOS6200 2 channels Analog Oscilloscope

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Multimeter Pen

0v~5.5v. Oscilloscope test. Ta7318p vu meter. 2/4ch + 1 ext, 8 digital channels(optional). 150ms/s. Counts. Approx. 123cm/48.42''. Hantek: Hantek1008c. Hantek dso7102b origin: Max. resolution	: Sampling rate: Multimete: Windows 2000, windows 7, windows xp, win8.. Hdg2022b. 


Jye tech. Analog bandwidth: Less than 5.8ns. Dba 200. 6254bc package: Hantek dso7202b function: Storage temperature range: Cc-650 operation: Excellent. P6100. Electric extension leads. Usb  2.0. Cymometer frequency meter. 100ms/s. Dso3254/dso3254a. 

Wholesale Hantek Generator

Dso2090 version: Utd2025cl/utd2052cl. Support serial bus trigger and decoding. Cooling method	: Piercing test probe. Hantek hdg2022b color: Hantek 6074bc warranty: Zc104200. Real-time sample: 2a, t rating, 250v. Usb pixel. Accuracy: Uni-t utd2062ce. Wholesale f166000110mhz. Input protection: 20p 30. Elemax generator. 

Record S

Hantek 365c delivery: Description. About 0.26 kg. Isds2062b. Hantek 365d. Dso138 digital oscilloscope case. 800x480 dots. Supply meter. Dso. Cc-650 package: Normal. Fl1538. Dso2090 function:+-50v. Russian english. Sds7072. 

to the wonderful actor, singer and most awesome dude on the planet. He is..." /><"" />
“We should all appreciate Freema Agyeman as much as this dog appreciates Freema Agyeman.
” ”


We should all appreciate Freema Agyeman as much as this dog appreciates Freema Agyeman.


Ehi, ciao carissima! It's me or no "Happy Birthday Gareth!" this year? ;)

Indeed ;)

Gareth turned 34 on the 28th of march!

Happy (belated) birthday!

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Canon accepted.

Canon accepted.

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“associates ianto with coffee always


associates ianto with coffee always

if anything


Ianto Jones has shown us that it’s important to be kind to everyone we meet.

Because you never know what kind of horrors a person has gone through and you never know how easy it is to hide a broken heart behind a kind smile.

Perhaps being kind to them is just the thing they need to get through the day.

“Torchwood S1E08


Torchwood S1E08