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Dinosaur Therizinosaurus

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Baking Cake Pans Sets

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Baking Knife

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Tongu Scraper

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to the wonderful actor, singer and most awesome dude on the planet. He is..." /><"" />
“We should all appreciate Freema Agyeman as much as this dog appreciates Freema Agyeman.
” ”


We should all appreciate Freema Agyeman as much as this dog appreciates Freema Agyeman.


Ehi, ciao carissima! It's me or no "Happy Birthday Gareth!" this year? ;)

Indeed ;)

Gareth turned 34 on the 28th of march!

Happy (belated) birthday!

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Canon accepted.

Canon accepted.

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“associates ianto with coffee always


associates ianto with coffee always

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Ianto Jones has shown us that it’s important to be kind to everyone we meet.

Because you never know what kind of horrors a person has gone through and you never know how easy it is to hide a broken heart behind a kind smile.

Perhaps being kind to them is just the thing they need to get through the day.

“Torchwood S1E08


Torchwood S1E08